Bitcoin broke three days of support at $7099

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Bitcoin broke three days of support at $7099

Today, as you have all seen, Bitcoin broke three days of support at $7099 and the price went down below $7000 and at the time of writing this post BTC is trading in the range $6868 - 6962. According to our observations, this happened as yesterday’s on the 1H chart at the bar from 12:00 UTC the bulls was not so strong at such a large volume , as a result of which the bears took the initiative to their side and showed a good result at 5:00 UTC , updating the local minimum in the last three days.
Our expectations for the near future for bears to fix the price below $6876 and to see further fall to $6600 - 6500 levels.
If you plan to invest in Bitcoin , so far we recommend to refrain from doing so. Based on the results of closing the price of this week we will be able to advise you at what price ranges you can start laddering your buy orders. But those who trade margin can earn on the signals in our VIP channel.

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