Bitcoin (BTC) - Trend check period (2nd day) (1h)

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Bitcoin (BTC) - Trend check period (2nd day) (1h)

It is the second day of the trend check period.
It can be said to be an important day to check whether you are supported or out of the upward trend line (2).

As the uptrend line (1) was created, support was confirmed for about 9 days.
You can touch the 6946 point.
If so, the closing price must be generated above point 7060.
However, it is better not to fall below the downward trend line (3).

It is also possible to climb to challenge the 7435 point.
After touching point 7435, do not touch point 7299.
This is a very important psychological factor in maintaining expectations for a rise, and even if you touch and support point 7299, your fear of falling will be higher.

It is expected to cross on points 6946 to 7435 in order to dissipate power.

From a psychological point of view, the 7060 point became a very important point.
Accordingly, it is necessary to think in advance what you can do when you reach this point.


It is a 1D chart of XBTUSD .
From April 10th to April 17th (9th-18th), it is expected to be the most important period in the 7K range, and it is expected to be sideways.
In the middle, you need to check that you can touch or climb the 7757 point around April 14th (13th-15th).
If you touch or rise to point 7757 during this period, the trend check for the critical period ends.

You have to be cautious about trading as you will be in a critical period.
If possible, we recommend that you pause trading and check trends.
I think it's a period that requires only minimal trading to preserve your profits.


I think the current situation is not very good to understand the overall flow of the coin market.

Accordingly, it is time to focus on selling rather than buying to preserve profits.


"Like" is a great power for me.
I will try to reciprocate with better information.
Thank you for always supporting.
Comment: Take a rough look at the overall look of the coin market.
Comment: It is supported by the uptrend line (1).
It is expected to fall on resistance at 3.12.

However, it is a market situation that is difficult to predict, so it is time to carefully trade according to the chart flow of coins.
Comment: TOTAL2 chart.

We are challenging the long-term uptrend line (1).
I just want to sideways with support on the long-term uptrend line (1).

It seems that the flow of funds will not be good in the future.

I don't want you to touch the 67.614B important point.
There are no more updates today due to other business events.

BTC is located near point 6946. Be sure to rise above the 6946 point after the critical time zone.
You should also check to see if it rises above 7060.
You must also touch the 20EMA and see if you can climb.

USDT dominance climbed past the middle of the gap to near 3.28.
You should check to see if it drops below 3.21 after the critical time frame.
It is making a lot more than I thought.
You may need to respond accordingly.
3.28 ~ 3.37 section is Stop-Loss section. However, it is necessary to check whether the 3.34 point should be dealt with as a U-turn point.

Frequent errors occur in the USDT Dominance Chart or other Dominance Charts. We have made several requests for confirmation and corrections, and there have been corrections.
The meaning of the upper tail that occurs this time is unknown.
It is said that a huge amount of money moved in an instant, but I do not know what it means.
I don't think this is a symptom of a decline.



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