Bitcoin (BTC) - June 6

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Bitcoin (BTC) - June 6

Dear Traders, Nice to meet you.

"Like" is a great power for me.
By "following" you can always get new information quickly.
Thank you for always supporting.

I am a person who does not speak English well. So, it's very likely that you're using the wrong word. Please understand this.
We will try to improve it in the future.


A section (resistance section): A section that can be raised. (10968~11516.5)
(If you climb above 10968, I think you need split trading to preserve your profits.)

Section B (Support section): The section that can be declined. (8463~8870)
(However, if you fall below the downtrend lines (1) and (2), there is a possibility of a downward trend, so careful trading is necessary.)

Sections to be supported when falling after rising above 10300: 10045~10300
(If it rises and falls above the 10968 point, I think it is possible to increase further if you get support at the 10300 point.
In addition, if it rises and falls in the 10300~10968 section, I think that it is possible to increase further after receiving support at 10045.)

High volume profile section (9415~9728.5): When in this section, 9544.5 points act as support and resistance points.

It is supported by the uptrend line (3) and the downtrend line (4).
We need to see if we can ascend along the uptrend line (3).
I think we should get support by rising above 9728.5.

If you continue to be supported at the uptrend line (3) and 9728.5 points this weekend, volatility is expected to occur before and after the date shown in the chart.


** Check support, resistance and abbreviation points.
** Support or resistance is based on the closing price of the 1D chart.
** All descriptions are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss on investment.

Description of abbreviations shown in chart
R: A resistance point or section where a countermeasure is needed to preserve revenue.
S-L: Stop-Loss point or section
S: A point or section that can be purchased for profit generation as a support point or section
Comment: (Binance BTC futures chart.)
The volatility is likely to rise above the 9866.88 point.
The maximum fluctuation is expected to be 9.2K~10.3K.
This volatility is likely to occur around June 6-14.



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