Bitcoin (XBT) Going Back Above $10,000+? Hit Like, Trade Inside

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Bitcoin (XBT) Going Back Above $10,000+? Hit Like, Trade Inside

Is Bitcoin ( XBTUSD ) moving back up?

Looking at the chart above, short-term, we can see Bitcoin breaking and staying above each resistance level in the form of EMAs.

We can see prices testing the support level on a long-wick then moving back up while printing higher lows... This can be a short-term bounce for another try at $10,000 - $10,500+

We have a short-term, LONG, fast, lev. trade for XBTUSD active right now on this setup... Feel free to hit LIKE if you would like to see the full trade details, we will share at 222 likes.

We also have a short ready for when the next resistance level in the 10/10.5k range is hit.

Thanks a lot for your support.

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