A good one is comming

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A good one is comming

Alright guys, as you can see btc forming a bearish flag after that fall, we are at the end of triangle and we have to wait and watch it for a break out, usually triangles needs 15 candle for confirmation to fall or rejection, but this one is a little different to me ...
As you can see we rsi and macd are trying to show us an uptrend !
But ma's showing us a downtrend !
We have a big divergence between indicators and patterns here.
We have dynamic support of ma 120 and ma 200, but ma 50 is acting like dynamic resistance for now.
Btc formed a rectangle channel from yesterday and it likes to play there for now, I can say that we are safe for a few hours to do our TA !
If you see 4h chart you can see some candle stick patterns which shows uptrend.
In this case, Im prefer to wait for a confirmation above or below the rectangle by low time frames.
But if you ask me about high ones, I will tell you that a down trend is really possible to 8k area ...
We had up trend for almost 2 month ... 3k to 10k
Ta said that after a big trend we need a correction for 70% of it ... so I can see 8k and 6k of it ...
I recommend to spot trades ... do not long for now ... it will go down for a big correction...

My targets will be
Above 9700 => 9950
Below 9400 => 9k
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Take care, trade safe
Comment: Bottom just broke ...
If i see a candle below it
I will do short to 9100
Comment: Alright 9500 to 9100
Lets see ...
Trade closed: stop reached: I got fomo again ...



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