1000 pip ascending flag ???

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1000 pip ascending flag ???

All right guys, first of all I have to say I draw wrong cup and handle ... and I didn't publish anything because of psychology, anyway.
Ok im seeing a ascending flag here, breaking of ascending triangle , breaking the local resistance(if we can stay here for a few hours for confirmation), in my idea a correction should be in 10k~9900 area but we are in distribution stage, so I recommend you as always, wait for a confirmation, a whale attack could change everything.
So I recommend you to do long above 9980 to 10400, do short below 9900 to 9600
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Take care, trade safe
Comment: That is why Im always saying that, dont enter your trades before confirmation !
10k rejected us !
We wont see 10k area in this week again !
Maybe next week.
Good luck guys



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