XBTUSD Free trading setup

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XBTUSD Free trading setup

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- Here is XBTUSD 4hr. Recently it broke the recent high and have been resisted by the previous sideway volumes and 1:1 fib extension of the recent impulsive waves.
- After, it is going through some correction. If it gets corrected more, based on the fib retracement and previous sideway volumes, we can expect some supports at 9870~9980 and 9650~9760.
- If we see more bullish movement, the resistance area could be expected at the top of the red channel which is around 10550`10700.
- In a shorter term, it’s making sideway moves. When it breaks the sideway channel, I will update you guys with a decent trading setup.
- Please like, comment and follow my account. It motivates me to analyze charts for free.



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