Evaluation of supposed bullrun of bitcoin (5)

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Evaluation of supposed bullrun of bitcoin (5)

Scheme is made in terms of map of chances based on fib. "0 and 1" values of fib are based on bone structure of all recent fluctuations, giving us fib ratios to decrypt mass psychology behind any upcoming waves despite of its direction.
Targets update as the price breaks each significant fib level. Main focus should be on space between resistance line and upper PL. The later the price breaks into this zone, the stronger bullrun will be. If that's the case, zoom out to see all potential targets in terms of fib intersections. For now the attention should be on gray map of chances.
Fractal Configuration of Bitcoin is made visually straight forward, so the rest of the details of key points will be held in upcoming updates.
Comment: Crossing above red resistance line is a sign of a serious bullrun. Crossing above blue upper parallel line is a confirmation of such growth.



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